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Courses offered in Creative & Professional Writing

  • HUMN 3005

    Artistic Creativity and Aesthetics Awareness

    This course aims to (1) introduce artistic creativity as one of the best inventions of the human mind and the sense of beauty as an important dimension of being humane; (2) introduce major principles and theories of art to help students understand various artistic creative processes and their products; (3) enhance students’ critical thinking on artistic phenomena and their reflections on the artistic developments in different social and cultural contexts; (4) encourage students to develop their own artistic abilities, and prepares them to create, appreciate, understand and review works of art critically; and (5) enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese and Western aesthetics, and the classical and modern masterpieces produced from these aesthetic theories.

  • HUMN/WRIT 2015

    Writing Seminar: Workshop in Creative Writing

    This course deals with the major creative writing genres, such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama for developing students’ writing skills. Students will examine the major creative writing genres through practice and critical analysis, explore the rich diversity of modern literary writings, and read representative works in English and Chinese that will parallel the writing exercises in both languages.

  • HUMN/WRIT 3006

    Professional Writing Practicum: Essentials of the Craft of Writing

    This course helps students to grasp and understand the functional forms of writing in both English and Chinese, enabling them to cope with the writing tasks in the commercial and public fields of employment in Hong Kong.

  • HUMN/WRIT 4007

    The Art of Creating Stories: Writing and Appreciation

    The course explores the art of storytelling by discussing the history and role of storytelling in the humanities. Combined with an introduction to fundamental elements, i.e. character, point of view, structure, plot, tension and dialogue with selected examples from different genres and forms, a wide variety of fiction, poetry and films will be introduced in this class. Students will learn to appreciate the art of storytelling, and create their own work.

  • HUMN/WRIT 4015

    The Double Face of Creativity: Fact and Fiction

    This course aims to demonstrate the interrelationship between fact and fiction in the writing of creative work through the examination and discussion of historical fiction. While it is generally believed that fact and fiction are two different and sometimes even opposite approaches to writing, this course hopes to show that they are two sides of the same coin. Through a study of historical fiction, students will see the creative aspects of critical research, and how being critical is an important step towards creativity.

  • WRIT 1005

    Creativity: Theory and Practice

    This course aims to help students acquire a systematic and up-to-date knowledge of the meanings of creativity from theoretical and descriptive points of view, with experiential learning methods to engage students in exploring their own creative potential and especially the practical applications of writing.

  • WRIT 2005

    Biography Writing

    In this reading and writing course, students will conceptualise, research, write and revise biographical narratives. Questions about how to select and structure a subject, how lives can be written in an authentic way, and how to do justice to others’ lives will be tackled. Students will also experience, through appreciating canonical examples of biographical writing, the diverse ways in which other authors have written about the lives of others.

  • WRIT 2006

    Food, Wine and Travel Writing for the Leisure Industry

    The course aims to enhance students’ cultural literacy through appreciating a variety of bilingual texts from different genres themed around food, wine and travelling, which offer creative inspiration and critical insights for students’ creative and professional writing.

  • WRIT 2007

    Editing and Publishing

    This course aims at fostering a comprehensive understanding of the nature, operations, historical development, and ongoing dramatic changes in publishing as a creative industry. It trains students to master the core editing skills of English and Chinese publishing for both print and electronic books, and to enhance students’ competence to apply basic editing skills to all media forms.

  • WRIT 3007

    Writing for New Media

    This course examines how digital technological changes impact the practice of writing and explores various methods of writing for new media, such as websites, blogs, wikis, social networking sites, text messages, videos, and other converged media. The course also investigates the emerging practices of writing and questions what it means to write in the new media context.

  • WRIT 4005

    Cultural Differences and Creative Writing

    This course is designed to trigger a greater understanding of cultural differences in a globalized world and their impact on creative writing. Students will be introduced to conceptions of cultural differences in language-use and guided to reflect on how cross-cultural diversity opens up opportunities for writing styles. It also assists students to create writing ideas originating from this important and interesting topic.

  • WRIT 4006

    Writing Internship

    The Programme has designed a required course “Writing Internship” to create opportunities for students to learn by participating in real-life experiences and working for different institutes. The potential internship opportunities include literary agencies, magazine or book publishers, theatre or film groups, non-profit arts organizations, book reviewers, advertising agencies, websites, etc.

  • WRIT 4898 / WRIT 4899

    Honours Project

    This course aims to engage students in independent research on an academic topic or the production of a creative work under the guidance of teaching staff throughout an academic year.