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Our History

Founded in 1990, the Humanities Programme at Hong Kong Baptist University is the first and unique undergraduate programme in Hong Kong dedicated to offering a broad liberal arts education. Apart from training students to think critically and creatively, write logically and speak confidently, the Humanities Programme also nurtures students’ ability to solve problems, to sympathize with humanity and to appreciate life, qualities which are indeed essential for making a successful career as well as living a full meaningful life. 


Considering the Hong Kong context in the 21st century, the Humanities Programme consists of three major distinct characteristics:

  1. Interdisciplinarity: All Humanities Core courses employ diverse disciplines. Art criticism, language, literature, history, philosophy, cultural studies and media studies would be incorporated in the study.
  2. Bilingual Teaching & Learning: Students will read, write and speak in Chinese as well as English, developing their skills and flexibility in both languages. By doing so, students will be able to respond to Hong Kong’s specific linguistic environment, as well as engaging in more global context
  3. Cross-culturalism: Our courses examine issues of cultures, values, diversity, difference, and cosmopolitanism.


The Humanities Programme aims at:

  • Encouraging students to reflect on social and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective;
  • Providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum to develop students’ language proficiency;
  • Equipping students with reasoning and analytical skills;
  • Enhancing student’s ability to present lucid arguments and make independent judgment;
  • Stimulating students’ initiatives in independent learning;
  • Producing graduates of distinction committed to life-long learning;
  • Creating an open environment which facilitates and encourages vigorous academic discussion between teachers and students.