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Teaching Staff

Dr. LOK Wing Kai, Peter | 駱頴佳博士

Senior Lecturer, Director of Liberal and Cultural Studies Programme

Office: 12/F Shek Mun Campus

Tel: 3411 3138

Email: peterlok@hkbu.edu.hk

Peter Lok received his Ph. D in Continental Philosophy from Free University, Amsterdam/Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto and M. Phil in Comparative Literature from the University of Hong Kong. His Research Interests: Contemporary French Philosophy (Foucault and Levinas), Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Continental Philosophy of Religion, Postmodernism, Ethics of Body, Theology of Culture. 

Teaching Areas: Love and Humanities Artistic Creativity and Art Appreciation Themed Park and Other Themed Spaces Modern Western Thought Understanding Globalization Exploring the City

2014,駱頴佳。“《作死不離3兄弟》: 生存作為一種美學!"。尹德成、羅雅駿、 林澤榮 (編),《光影中的人生與哲學》。香港:三聯。

2014,駱頴佳。“小店:反資本主義的「異托邦空間」?” 張少強、馬傑偉、吳俊雄、呂大樂 (編),jc Motion。香港:香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院。http://jcmotion.tmgbook.com/index.php/zh/component/jshopping/product/view/13/35

2013,駱頴佳。“欲望的錯置:全面市場化社會對教會的衝擊"《信仰市場.消費教會》。葉菁華(編),香港:基督教文藝出版社 。

2012,駱頴佳。“從帕托卡到哈維爾:捷克的異見倫理學”。《曠野》,176 期2012,駱頴佳。“暴力與他者"。《時代論壇》,1276期。


2010,駱頴佳。《後現代拜物教:消費文化的神學批判》 (修訂版)。香港:FES Press。

2007,駱頴佳。“空間政治:一個信仰的觀點 (下)"。《思》106期。

2007,駱頴佳。“空間政治:一個信仰的觀點 (上)"。《思》105期。




1999,  Lok, Wing-Kai Peter. “Constructing Memory: An Ethical Issue.” In Yuk-Yuen Lan, The Practice of Chineseness. Hong Kong: Cydot.

1999,  Lok, Wing-Kai Peter. “Designer in the Age of Flexible Economy.” In Magdy Ma, Disoriented Visual Objects: Their Creators and Users. Hong Kong : Cydot.