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Teaching Staff

Dr. Jue SUN | 孫珏博士

Lecturer I

Office: 12/F Shek Mun Campus

Tel: 3411 3031

Email: juesun@hkbu.edu.hk

Dr Jue Sun joined Liberal and Cultural Studies Programme in September 2013. Her research interests range from sociology of emotions, gender and sexuality, to popular media and contemporary Chinese society. After receiving her PhD in Sociology from The University of Hong Kong, she has been more actively putting her knowledge to community service. Apart from teaching, Jue is closely involved in the non-profit sector with an aim to serve and empower woman migrant workers in China and make their voices heard via multi-media platform.

Teaching Areas: Introduction to Cultural and Creative Industries, Hong Kong Cinema and Society, Understanding Media Culture
2013-2014 (ongoing), Sun, Jue, Principal Investigator, “The Way We Dance: A Study of the Practices of Youth Identity and Social Recognition among Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong.” A project to be presented at the 6th Conference on Hong Kong Culture and Society.

2012, June. Sun, J.. “愛裡怎會有恐懼:香港印、菲女同勞工群像”. iSunAffairs, 21. 


2003. Sun, J. & Ma, G.. “Job Market Not All Rosy for Them.” “Rid Young Lives of Traffic Threat.” Issues Once Invisible: Children and Women in Changing China. UNICEF CHINA.